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Natural erosion control materials.
Biodegradeable manufactured from natural materials.



Jute matt is manufactured from dried plant fibres and woven to make a fabric sold as heavy and light jute matt or mesh. 
Collective Civil installed this jute matt at the Port Kembla land fill.  Eventually the plants will grow through the jute matt and permanently stabilize the
earth bank. The jute matt or mesh will only provide a temporary erosion control by assisting to hold the seed and moisture in place. 

Contact us and we will quote to supply and install the right product for your erosion problem.  We can do as little or as much as you need. 
We can build the embankment, lay the jute matt correctly and even supply and install the landscaping plants and watering system.
Above is a picture of the jute matt after 1 year.  The jute matt is laid in the bottom of Bingara Ck at Wilton and has been subject to heavy flows. 

Coconut fibre logs    
Coconut fibre logs are laid in the direction of flow.  Collective Civil installed the coconut logs along the Saltpan creek at Riverwood, 
The picture shows the logs installed on geotextile prior to the planting the banks.  The logs will take about 1.5 years to completely deteriorate which will give plants plenty of time to establish and stabilize the bank.
  Collective Civil planted this bank of the
Georges River at Hind Pk Milperra for Liverpool City Council.


Synthetic Erosion Control Matts Enkmatt
Plastic Cellular Confinement Matting
Wire Rock Mattress

The systems are permanent because they are made from synthetic materials which of course will eventually break down but which are generally given a greater than 20 year life and in some cases 100 year life.  Collective Civil will be able to recommend and install the right product to maximize
the design life. Permanent systems are generally used where there are high velocity flows in flood. 

Not all the products are represented here.  We will design the thickness and grade of product for you so that the system will withstand the 1:100
flood if necessary. The following products have been installed by Collective Civil and represent just a small proportion of the products available. 
Collective Civil has good buying power with all the wholesale importers.  They are listed in the order of strength.

Turf Reinforcement Mats

A permanent synthetic matting which is fully designed to withstand flooding storm water is particularly suited to this detention basin levee bank spillway which protects the Liverpool to Paramatta bus way.
Collective Civil installed the matt with steel pegs to hold it down until the grass grows through.
Other jobs installed by Collective Civil include Mt Annan dam spillway. (Shown below) and Kemira Colliery.  The matt must be covered with soil to eliminate any chance of UV damage.  The strength relies on the grass root growing through the matt.

Rip Rap Rock on Fabric   Thin wire rock mattress 170mm thick (Reno Mattress)
Collective civil installed this rip rap rock and concrete beam spillway
at the Bungendore for Leightons and Robsons Civil Projects Pty Ltd


The picture shows the wire mattress installed only on the steeper sections of the spillway where flows are higher and rocks will tend to slide if not contained in the mattress.
Collective Civil can price the design, supply and installation of
all products.

HDPE Cellular Confinement matting
Thick Wire Rock Mattress

A welded HDPE plastic cell in various thicknesses is placed by
Collective Civil at Mt Keira Mine site for BHP. Engineered to withstand overland flows can be filled with rock or soil. Soft or hard options. 
The cells come in various thickness ranging from 50mm to 200mm
to suit the design and budget.  The thicker cells can be stacked on
top of each other to form a reinforced earth retaining wall system


This type of mattress comes in various thickness of 170mm, 230mm, 300mm or 500mm.  It is generally accepted that for heavy duty flows a thicker mattress is required. 

Grahamstown Damm
Wire Rock Mattress
Three of the Collective Civil personnel have quoted and worked
on the large rock mattress job at Grahamstown Dam which supplies
Newcastle with its water.  10,000 sq-m was laid over three months including reshaping the face.  A 1:100 year design life was given to
the specially manufactured wire used in this mattress.
Wire mattress is a flat gabion used for overland erosion control and stream flow protection. Collective Civil installed this mattress at the site
of the Sea Cliff Bridge for the RTA.
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