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Links Learning Special School at 12-14 Pindari St Peakhurst Heights
Prior to Drainage system installed by Collective Civil, water would flood in any storm event, allowing water to run straight in the through the doorways of the adjoining classrooms.


The area in the fore ground needed to be excavated to accommodate a modular plastic water detention tank tank 13m long x 3.1m wide x 1.6m deep.  Extreme care was needed to prevent damage to the buildings on either side.


All in two weeks! We laid tank modules and gravity drainage. Connected pressure drainage to the street with a electric sump pump and aerial roof drainage connected to plastic storage tanks .  Before the children came back from their summer break 2010.
We excavated into rock without cracking the buildings and disturbing the neighbours.


Then we restored all back to how it was and better than was expected by the CEO of Learning Links Schools NSW.  The storage tank modules are stacked into this hole.


The plan.

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