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Cattai Ck Fish lift constructed along McClymonts Rd for The Hills Shire Council
BEFORE WORK COMMENCED - The old mass concrete causeway had a single 600mm dia pipe to carry the normal flow. 
Fish were unable to pass this point to sporn upstream.


The pipe was replaced by a triple cell box culvert.  Two cells carried the normal flow while the third and closest cell in the photo was constructed with fixed height steps constructed in core filled concrete blocks.  A single horizontal log deflected flotsam away from the fishway culvert.


The fish are encouraged to swim to the specially constructed sandstone steps downstream from the box culverts.


The fish way steps are carefully designed in height and size to provide the correct flow to encourage the fish to swim upstream.


The fish way required the stream to be diverted using sheet piles.  The culverts were founded on 15  of  400mm diameter continuous flight auger piles 10metres in depth.  Piles were tested and cut back to support a concrete base slab with integral deep beams.  Wing walls are constructed from large sandstone blocks with internal wing wall and spillway constructed from reinforced core filled block work.

Project completed.    
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