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Gabions are partioned, wire fabric containers, filled with stone at the site of use, to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures for earth retention.  The wire basket can be made from Welded Mesh or Flexible hexagonal twist.

These walls are designed generally for two purposes.
1/ To retain earth embankments by creating mass gravity wall or a reinforced earth wall with a thin (usually 1m wide) gabion facing.
2/ To create heavy duty spillways.

Collective Civil is well known as a leader in being able to install large gabion structures in the most difficult and inaccessible country.
  Welded Mesh Gabion


Here are just two examples of high profile jobs we have completed:

Gabion wall at the northern abutment of the Sea Cliff bridge. There is a gabion facing on each side of the bridge abutment. A high strength tensar geogrid connects each side at 0.5m gabion levels to create a reinforced earth wall.
  The gabion cascade at the Kemira Mine at Mt Keira Demonstrates our go anywhere capability. We make the impossible happen and we have been doing it consistently for years. Please find us a new challenge.

Kemira Mine
Kellyville Western Sydney

Kemira Mine gabion cascade viewed from the bottom looking up the mountain.

  These gabions, constructed by Collective Civil for John Holland at Kellyville in western Sydney are receiving the landscape treatment.  The structure provides an effective energy dissapator to reduce the destructive erosion forces down stream. Notice the jute matt laid out in the foreground.  After the water has flowed through the gabions a planted area is more suited to combat erosion .  The jute matt will assist the plants to get established.  Collective Civil can price the whole job for you.

Tallowa Dam, Kangaroo Valley NSW
Tallowa Dam, Kangaroo Valley NSW

Gabion spillway at Tallowa Dam, Kangaroo Valley NSW completed in 2009 constructed for Leighton Contractors.

  Close up of rocks confined in wire boxes constructed by Collective Civil to form a spillway for flood water at Tallowa Dam for Leighton Contractors and Sydney Water.  The boxes filled with rocks can be made from welded mesh or like this example from hexagonal twist shape mesh

Minnamurra Bypass   Welded Mesh Gabion:

Collective Civil Pty Ltd constructed all of the gabions and rock mattress associated with the construction of the Minnamurra Bypass near Kiama on the NSW South Coast.  We subcontracted to John Holland and the RTA.  These three metre high gabions provide retention and rock fall protection and can be inspected as you travel the Sydney bound lane on the North side of the long bridge across the Minamurra River.


An example of this type installed by Collective Civil can be found at the park created on the old Caltex site at Balmain (Ballast Point). The welded mesh provides a more rigid uniform shape with a flat face.


Simple put this involves compacting selected earth fill in layers sandwiched by reinforcement mesh grid to form a structural building platform to carry a roadway or building.  The earth reinforcing can be made from many different shaped product such as steel straps, Galvanised steel rod, Tensar mesh, or gabion mesh.  Collective Civil installs them all.

Gabion Mesh reinforced walls with gabion facing
RE Panel walls always faced with thin concrete panels
Click image to enlarge.

This 3m high gabion wall was constructed by Collective Civil to form a rock fall barrier for the RTA at Coal cliff. It is 3m high and has gabion mesh tail at each 1m level sandwiched in the backfill.


This type of structure is quick to build. Collective Civil can design and construct this type of structure used mainly for Main road bridge abutments and road embankments. While it is a relatively simple structure to build the concrete panels can be decorated to various budgets and taste. The panels are fixed to the steel straps that are sandwiched in the select compacted earth fill.

Welded Mesh Faced Gabions with HDPE geogrids

This is a welded mesh recycled rock face reinforced earth wall constructed by Collective Civil. The walls are used to construct an architectural tiered parkland and viewing point for the next Sydney Harbour Fireworks. We are particularly proud of this construction and very grateful for the opportunity to display the attention to detail that is typical of Collective Civil.

Attention to detail

We are particularly proud of the attention to detail and the high degree of accuracy maintained in line and level.  Who would have thought that recycled concrete could have looked so good?  The million dollar look was achieved on a shoe string budget.


Product -  Cast in situ Concrete walls   5m 900 diameter piers
Collective Civil has a proven record of constructing concrete retaining walls for the RTA, Bovis Lend Lease and Daracon. We have in house and subcontract steel fixers, form workers and concretors. No job is too big or complicated. Concrete cast insitu walls are at the high end when comparing costs of types of retaining walls. There sometimes is no choice when there is limited room behind the wall to build the wall because of property boundaries.


The deep 5m 900 diameter piers anchor the wall against overturning

Concrete Retaining wall   Compact Rain Garden
Do you want something heavy duty like this Concrete Retaining wall constructed by Collective Civil at Cowpasture Rd and Elizabeth Dr Hoxton Pk for the RTA?   Collective Civil can build the whole rain Garden. We have the expertise to construct concrete retaining walls drainage and the gabions.  This compact rain garden is at Rouse Hill built for Bovis Lease.

Water Flow Control Structure
This curved wall is part of the many water flow control structures built at Saltpan Ck Riverwood for Canterbury Council    


Core filled concrete block walls
Textured Block Wall
Core filled concrete block walls were constructed at Glendenning in western Sydney at the Gillespie heavy Crane depot. This type of wall can be fully designed to with stand the height of the retained fill and live loads expected behind the wall. Collective Civil construct the footing and built the wall with steel reinforcement and then core filled the hollow blocks with grout

All the walls at Middelton Grange Hoxton Pk in Western Sydney were built by Collective Civil including these textured block wall.  The walls are on the boundary line and allow level blocks of land to be sold at this landscaped subdivision.  Other types of walls here are our rock walls and gabion walls. It is easy to inspect and choose the type of wall that suits your need or architectural tastes.


Riverwood Saltpan Creek
Riverwood Saltpan Creek

Collective Civil builds the best and neatest rock walls in the country. Our stonemason is a hammer and an excavator. Our multi skilled teams created this jewel in the Canterbury Council area at Riverwood Saltpan Creek. Concrete walls stone walls, stone crazy paving we do the lot.
Saltpan Ck on completion of our rock work and this timber control structure on concrete footing. This is the low flow channel.

Riverwood Saltpan Creek
Macarthur Gardens
Here is the high flow channel all the detailed rock work was supplied and installed by Collective Civil Pty Ltd for Canterbury Council at Riverwood Saltpan Ck.  

This underground detention basin at Macarthur Gardens was constructed by Collective Civil was finished off with the planter boxes and rustic rockwork which was all constructed with our own tradesmen.  The work was carried out for TRN Fordham.

Ropes Crossing (The old ADI site)
Dry Creek shows the combination of sandstone rock and wire rock mattress filled with basalt rock.

Ropes Crossing
Pond lined with 1mm HDPE
Headwell at Ropes Crossing   This pond was lined with 1mm HDPE by Collective Civil Pty Ltd follow the links to see the work in progress. All the rock work was supplied and installed for Delfin (Bovis Lendlease).

Bingarra Gorge Wilton
Macarthur Gardens
A wing wall is in progress at Bingarra Gorge Wilton for Delfin and
Cleary Bros.

Headwall at Macarthur Gardens constructed for TRN.

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