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Hunters Hill Sailing Club - Recycling Systems


Collective Civil has constructed many storm water retention devices. Underground storage tanks are our specialty. They can be constructed from reinforced concrete or like this one at Hunters Hill. Collective Civil supply and installed the pipes, Humes Hydro filter, CDS, Plastic storage tank electric pumps and UV disinfection units. This state of the art system will allow the club to flush toilets maintain the garden and wash the sailing boats as they are pulled from Sydney Harbour.

  Next in line is a cast insitu distribution pit and then a Humes Hydrofilter before storage in the plastic underground storage

Humes Hydro Filter
The Final Treatment
A concrete pipe drainage from the Car park was intercepted to flow into this CDS unit being installed. The Humes Hydro filter has the ability to remove heavy metals that are common in runoff water from roads and carparks. They include
TSS 99 %
Zinc 95%
Lead 96%
Copper 99%
Phosphorus 90%
  The final treatment is provided by a UV filter supplied and installed by Collective Civil Pty Ltd The water can be safely used to flush the toilets, wash the boats at the ramp on the harbour front and water the gardens. Combined underground and above ground tanks provide in excess of 80,000 litres of water for reuse. We have also automated the system to revert to board water in drought times.

Down Pipes
Macarthur Gardens
Down pipes are intercepted with first flush units and plastic tanks are installed here to provide roof water storage. Water quality will be monitored at regular times before and after storms.
This landscaped shallow detention basin was built above the liner and storage tanks at Macarthur Gardens.

1mm HDPE liner ag pipe collection system


This 1mm HDPE liner ag pipe collection system was installed by Collective Civil at Macarthur Gardens.  The liner is covered with filter sands and the water is then allowed to trickle to a under ground cast insitu concrete tank.  This water is used to water the gardens throughout the subdivision.

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